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    Just looking for ideas for things to do during our stay in Vegas besides day clubs night clubs and gambling


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    Ill be honest, the main things to do are day/nightclubs and gambling... but there are heaps of great fine dining restaurants, lots of bars, tours (grand canyon, hoover dam), shows and lots of gigs on at any time.

    depends vastly on your budget, likes/dislikes, age bracket, occasion....... if you could be a little more specific, i could help you out more.


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      Some things I have done to mix it up while out there...

      Stratosphere has a sky jump and 3 really cool rides at the top. They have an all day pass for the rides and the sky jump is about $120 per jump if I remember correctly.

      Richard Petty experience is pretty cool. SpeedVegas is outstanding.

      On the geek side I always go to Bauman Rare Books. The history and books are insane. They also are the ones that do the evaluations for Pawn Stars.

      This one is a hit or miss depending on when they are open but The Las Vegas neon museum was cool also. We (wife and I) enjoyed the night guided tour for this one. Not sure due to the heat at that time if they will be open. They post their calendar on their website.

      Hope this helps.

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