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EBC on Saturday ?

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  • EBC on Saturday ?

    How is EBC on Saturdays. I use to go there regularly last few years, but this year in April, went there on a Sat and it looked run down a bit, and also felt like a sausage fest. Planning on going this Sept, but wanted to see everyones view on EBC on saturday, Is it still the best dayclub on a saturday. I saw the Kaos reviews and they dont seem that good as well.

    If its not EBC, what other pool party is good on a saturday in terms of ratios.

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    heard only good things about MDC. going this saturday, will report back.


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      How was mdc on Saturday


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        pretty solid. had a waterbed next to the stage area bar, ratios were pretty good. very pleased w my first experience.


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          Went to EBC on a Saturday in mid-August for Diplo, and the crowd was great. Not as busy as I've seen it in the past, but still a nice crowd with a good ratio. Granted it was Diplo, so I'm sure it was a little better than average. I always enjoy MDC, though, too.
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            EBC and XS have gone down a lot in the last few years. Actually been seeing better ratios in MNC than any club at Wynn.


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              MDC was a blast back in July. Fri and Sat were packed, and Sunday was busy but more chill. Great service, solid ratios, no problem having a great time and meeting some good people.

              Really am starting to move away from Wynn nightlife. Have a great relationship with a host there but the current talent lineup is not that desirable, unless I hit a night where they have a great house dj that is not one of the huge names playing. Then that doesn't bode well for ratios. Makes me question having a reservation for a room at Encore in November. May have to switch it up to Cosmo.


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                Stayed at Wynn last month, hotel and pool are still good. Nightlife is now more about marketing hype than great experiences or ratios if you are a guy. Wynn has stopped leading and needs to catch up. Kaos and MDC/MNC are solid options over XS and EBC. You would probably have a better time at the hotel pool than EBC.


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                  Would you guys choose liquid over ebc as we are looking at liquid as an alternative.




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