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  • Club Suggestion for Bachelor Party

    Looking for some help choosing a club for Fri. 7/15, 10 guys, for my bros bachelor party. We're all in our late 30's, early 40's, looking to do bottle service probably at a tier 2 club, not looking to spend a fortune. Leaning Tao right now, but would love some input from you guys. Any other suggestions?
    Appreciate the help!

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    I prefer Marquee, it?s a little more expensive than Tao but not too bad. For that night it?s Sam Feldt and I saw Dance Floor tables for 3k and Upper Dance Floor for 2k. If you go with Tao or Marquee hit up Cliff Orr he?ll take care of you.


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      Thanks Mike! Any difference in age groups between those two places? Would actually prefer Marquee since we?re staying at Cosmo, just thought it was more of the 20?s crowd.


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        I think they?re about the same as far as age group. My group is the same age as yours and I don?t feel too old at Marquee. We?re there the week before you and are going to Marquee. The clubs that tend to be older are XS and Omnia but those are a lot more expensive.


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