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Is typical rave attire acceptable??

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  • Is typical rave attire acceptable??

    I'm going to Vegas and staying at the Palms with my boyfriend the last weekend of June (26-30th).

    We love going to EDM festivals and shows but I am wondering if typical rave/show wear is appropriate (neons/sequins/one-pieces/combat boots/Kandi etc...) Can I wear shorts, wedges (or platformed boots?) and a sequined one piece? or do i pretty much HAVE to wear a tiny dress and stilettos? do people wear Kandi? I'm a big kandi kid but am not sure that it would be appropriate at Kaos (but I mean not wearing festival attire to see Armin & deadmau5 is mildly heartbreaking to me). Any die hard ravers out there have some thoughts on this??

    Also are a nice v-neck, jeans and good shoes appropriate for my boyfriend? Or does he have to go with a button down?

    Any advice? Thanks!

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    Men: dark jeans, collared shirt (doesn't have to be dress shirt), dress shoes (no Timbs or sneakers)
    Women: dress, flats.

    You can get away with shorts and a vneck at a nightswim event but leave the kandi at home.


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      Rave wear is fun... it’s cool at festivals and a blast to see the interesting and creative outfits people come up with.

      The atmosphere at nightclubs in Vegas is not that of a rave. It is more upscale, and less quirky. I’m sure you can find plenty of rave events that cater to the Kandi crowd, if that is your thing. In my experience, the top tier nightclubs expect their patrons to be in dresses, or dressy skirt shirts/shorts/tops and heels. You can probably get away with wedges if they are dressy, but say no to the combat boots. And avoid the one piece... You may see a random woman here or there in one, but unless you are Beyoncé or Lady Gaga, performing on stage, or one of the paid dancers that work FOR the clubs, leave that look to the performers.
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        You might have more creative leeway with your attire at day clubs. The dress codes there are more relaxed I’ve found.


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          I don't think either of you will be denied entry with what you suggest
          from website Dress Code (Nightclub)
          Upscale fashionable attire required, collared shirts recommended for men. NO hats, mens shorts, flip flops, mens tank tops, athletic sneakers, athletic wear, jerseys, branded apparel, ripped clothing, oversized clothing or saggy jeans, steel toe work boots, slippers, sunglasses.
          Dress Code (Dayclub)
          Fashionable day club attire required. NO vulgar, offensive, transparent, torn clothing, jeans, long pants. No oversized or baggy clothing. No exposed undergarments. Footwear required to enter and exit the venue.
          Dress Code (SOAK)
          Upscale fashionable swimwear strongly recommended. No vulgar, offensive, transparent or torn clothing. No oversized or baggy clothing. No exposed undergarments. Footwear required to enter and exit the venue.


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            Full blown rave attire will not work. Although nightclubs are less strict than they used to be no one else wears it there. Never too dressy in Vegas
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