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  • June 2nd to the 5th

    Anyone going the same time as me?

    Lets connect and party together!

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    I will be there the 4-7. Currently I have booked my flight and hotel at HRH. I was going with a large group... but turns out the person I was invited by.. is an untrustworthy thieve! Good thing he canceled his trip because we were at the same hotel/flights. I however am currently solo until I find out about a few other friends. But even if they do decide, they aren't really super into the club scene.. Not that I am but I would really like to experience one. What are your plans for sat/sunday?
    June 12-15 2014 Aria
    July 12-14 2013 Venetian
    August 10-12 2012 Palazzo
    July 3-5 2012 Cosmo
    MAyOD 17-20 2012 Cosmo
    June 2011 PH Towers


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      Hey pantless.

      I'm leaving sunday afternoon so i wont be doing much other than chilling, trying to recover before i go back to work on monday haha.. but saturday, our plans are wet republic in the day, XS at night. what about you? what are you doing saturday night?

      RecklessBruce will be there 2-7 too. i think hes bringing another person as well


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        Yeah definitely XS saturday man


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          I'm there as well - posted my schedule in another thread but here it is again:

          Attendees: Me, 2 Guy Friends, My Girlfriend, and then 3 of her girlfriend (for 7 total)
          Hotel: 2 Bella Suites at the Venetian

          Thursday, June 2nd:
          -Arrive around 1pm with Presidential Limo pick-up from the airport
          -Unpack and just relax at regular Venetian Pool
          -Dinner at Tao at 9pm
          -Bottle Service at Tao after

          Friday, June 3rd:
          -Tao Beach (Comped daybed for the girls, General Admission for the guys)
          -Guys having dinner at Del Frisco's
          -Girls having dinner at Nove Italiano
          -Meeting up at Palms for All-Access Passes and hopping around to all 4 clubs

          Saturday, June 4th:
          -Wet Republic (General Admission, Have a walk-in arrangement)
          -Nap and quick dinner
          -Bottle Service at Chateau
          -Late night Rhino session

          Sunday, June 5th:
          -Encore Beach Club (General Admission, Have a walk-in arrangement)
          -Dinner at Maggiano's at Fashion Show Mall
          -Lavo at night (General Admission, Have a walk-in arrangement)

          Monday, June 6th:
          -Hang out in morning, grab breakfast and check out
          -Fly back to Philly at 2pm
          Vegas Trips to-date:
          November 12-13, 2008 - Palms Standard
          March 18-22, 2009 - MGM Grand Bungalow Suite
          April 22-26, 2010 - MGM Grand Bungalow Suite
          June 2-6, 2011 - Venetian Bella Suite
          June 21-26, 2012 - Cosmopolitan Wraparound Terrace Suite

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            Yup sounds about right. Saturday I don't get in until like 3pm so I'll probably just hang in the casino and then XS is a definite possibility! Are you getting BS?
            June 12-15 2014 Aria
            July 12-14 2013 Venetian
            August 10-12 2012 Palazzo
            July 3-5 2012 Cosmo
            MAyOD 17-20 2012 Cosmo
            June 2011 PH Towers


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              brett, ill probably see ya at tao, tao beach, wet republic AND palms then lol. i think reckles bruce thinking about doing tao and tao beach the same days too.

              pantless.. not if its just me and my friend.. gonna be over our budget. if we get enough people, maybe?

              my schedule is
              thur (flight gets in around 12pm)


              tao beach
              palms all access

              wet republic

              just chill before my flight home
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                Tao- Thursday and Tao beach friday ,not sure on Friday night. Saturday XS... I'm also going wit one other person, but I would be down for bs


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                  Well that makes 5 minimum. If I get the 3 others that are still on the fence to go they may or may not be down for BS. I would like to experience it once, however it might be slightly awkward if we all are complete strangers lol.
                  June 12-15 2014 Aria
                  July 12-14 2013 Venetian
                  August 10-12 2012 Palazzo
                  July 3-5 2012 Cosmo
                  MAyOD 17-20 2012 Cosmo
                  June 2011 PH Towers


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                    well me and my buddy are going so it'd be 2 for me, 2 for bruce, and maybe 2 more to make 6 since that still wil be a 2 bottle min. haha naw man it'll be chill.. its a club, thats what they're for! to meet new people and go wild. it aint like were spending the entire day together lol.. just night. but I still gotta run the whole BS thing by my friend again cause he wasn't too sure about it. i talked to ryan (one of the hosts at xs) and he said about $465 a bottle to start


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                      Lol nah once I'm drinking nothing is awkward!


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                        No homo ^


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                          anyone else going around this time?! me and bruce thinking about maybe doing bottle service


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                            Me and a group of guys on a bachelor party are in Vegas this time and have a scarily similar plan to Brett. Staying at the Venetian aswell.
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                              For sure man.. glad to hear more people coming out that weekend


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