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  • Cosmopolitan Water Line Burst

    Heard news that the water line burst causing Blue Sushi to close and others . How bad and how long will it take to fix?

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    It happens... New hotels and construction are bound to have issues... I bet it takes them two weeks to have the outlets back open... Its an insurance claim so money isn't an issue so crews work 24 hours on these kind of things turning them around really really fast! I work for a hotel that opened 6 months ago and in month 4 or so we had about 30 rooms and common areas damaged by a sprinkler line bursting! They were completed in about 3-4 weeks.
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      lol @ Pantlessbellman I loooove your name!!


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        I wonder if there was any damage or affect to the nightclub?
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          Supposedly the sushi place (where the pipe burst originated), the sports book and the pizza place were all affected. I read that the pizza place was already back open and the other two spots were being worked on. Marquee is on a higher floor, so I think the elevator/entrance area on the 2nd floor would be the only thing affected.


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            Wow that's great. It will be fixed by next month the time I get there. I wanted to try the Blue Sushi restaurant.



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              I have read two weeks to a month on Blue Ribbon's closure so hopefully they'll be back up and running when you're there.


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