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4th of July weekend

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  • 4th of July weekend

    Trying to figure out which places to hit up and the total cost so I can let my boys know how much we're looking at

    Fri night Jul 1st - Tao or Jet - bottle service
    Sat day Jul 2nd - Wet Republic or Marquee - cabana
    Sat night Jul 2nd - Marquee - no bottles
    Sun day Jul 3rd - EBC - cabana
    Sun night - Vanity or Lavo or XS - no bottles

    How many people can we fit in a cabana and what's the minimum cost?

    How many people can we fit at a table at Tao/Jet and how many people per bottle?

    Thanks in advance and any suggestions on other places to think about day or night will be appreciated
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    I would start by speaking a host for each venue first. Theres no way individual members can quote you over the forums. Check the main page of our forums, or the host appreciation thread for tested and proven hosts.


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