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LDW Older crowd?

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  • LDW Older crowd?

    Planning LDW trip (Fri - Mon) and wanted some suggestions for pool parties with an older crowd? I have done ECB and Wet for many years but I am starting to get up in the years and want to move to something with a 35+ vibe but still an active party. Have never done Tao or any of the smaller venues, anyone have any suggestions? Might try Kaos with mellow on Saturday and XS nightswim on Sunday for sure but no plans other than that. Thanks in advance!

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    Check out Jemma pool party at nomad. Itís seen as a chilled pool party for an older crowd. I am gonna hit late sept when I am there


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      +1 on Jemaa
      Not sure about DJ white shadow though
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        Anyone here actually been there? If so, what day was it? Looking at some pics online and it looks like less than 100 people on most days. Am I wrong? What is the crowd at Tao beach like? LDW is hard to plan cuz once you commit you are pretty much stuck there. What pool party is poppin on Friday? Appreciate the feedback guys!


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          mrxerox My husband and I are looking to split a daybed at Wet Republic tomorrow (Friday, 8/30) and then we are pretty much open suggestions in terms of places to party and splits for the rest of the weekend. Are you guys still looking for people to link up with? If so, let me know! Thanks!


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            Id love to get a group together for EBC at night on Saturday or something Sunday.


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              ECB at night was horrible last night, I would not recommend it tonight. XS Nightswim is THE place to be on Sunday night. Hands down the best night in Vegas. You would be crazy to go anywhere else IMO. Get there at opening to unless you wanna stand in line forever.


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                Ebc at night was lit lastnight. I second KAOS on Sunday night!




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