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  • MDW 2019

    JC crew does MDW


    Flew in from Philly, got into Vegas around 11 AM and met up w my buddy Sam who was already checked in at the Encore tower suites. Arrived to a huge parlor suite and let the games begin.

    Early in the evening, we meet our buddy Keith at Topgolf. After an hour of catching up and hitting some balls (or trying to), we head to Cosmo. Keith takes us into the VIP lounge for some drinks and snacks (those chocolate covered rice crispy treats... Holy shit...) before we head up to the suite to enjoy the fountains and get a buzz before Zuma. After skewers, wagyu, and sushi, we make a quick stop at Chandelier before we head back to Encore for the Diplo pregame.

    Pretty soon we have everyone upstairs, buzzed, and ready to get to work. We got Keith, Sam, Marc, Bernard and myself walking out of the tower suites and straight to the EBC entrance like royalty. Then it gets interesting...

    The booth got moved back inside cuz they thought it was gonna rain so our gaming table had a good vantage point but most of the party was inside. We couldn't even beg a rat to come to our table lol. Every girl we wanted to talk to was an employee. Still a good way to get to know the new folks in the group but could've been waaaaaaay better. Plenty of weekend left.


    Woke up feeling great. We all pounded advanced pedialyte every night and that shit works fucking wonders. I do a lap around Wynncore and get ready for some lunch with Sam at Wazuzu. Neither of us bring our phones down, and as we turn the corner out of the TS lobby, Diplo and Salvatore Gannachi are standing around talking. No sense in bothering them. We had to head back upstairs because of lunch dress code anyway so I grabbed my phone. Who knows who I might run into next? After lunch we're standing at the elevators and next to us is motherfuckin Kygo! We snapped a quick pic and I didn't say a word in that elevator lmao, "play it cool man!". The TS experience is awesome so far.

    Friday night Sam and I hit STK and then meet up with Keith after. After some free drinks and letting Keith play a little in HL, we head to Encore for pregame #2. Our new buddy Jedi and another group joins the rest of us from Thursday night and we head down to XS. We have a prime immediate patio table for the night. We meet some Asian girls who are at the table next to us and one of em has a bottle of Henny XO asking if we all want shots. Of fucking course we do! We later realized they were taking bottles from the next table over (we had ours well guarded) but no fights broke out and nobody seemed to realize it at the club. None of us had ran into a reverse bottle rat before. Other girls around us were hired atmosphere models, must be tough for all the clubs rn.

    Eventually the other group with us leaves after we kill 2 mags and the chainsmokers have left the stage. Sam goes to have the 3rd mag escorted up to his room and meets Drew at the elevator. He asks what he's doing with a mag of vodka at 4 AM and invites him upstairs to the afterparty. Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out what's going on via text and don't realize I'm "not on the list". After an awkward encounter at the door the rest of us are tiring out and decide to call it a night. Fucking Vegas, man.

    More to come

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    Before I forget, XS service was slipping friday. Waitress was barely around and security pocketed the tip and brought 0 girls. Could've rolled with Keith's private security but it was a busy weekend for Cosmo.


    After some lobster benny room service we head down people watch the EBC line and then head off to the regular pool. I'm supposed to head to the AEW wrestling show but I'm just too wiped out and save my energy for Major Lazer.

    The other group flaked (you can only do so much vetting on this site) so it's just Jedi, Sam, Marc, Keith, and myself. Bottle runner doesn't wanna honor the specials, said it didn't matter what specials my host quoted me (then why quote them?). After 15 min and no bottles, 2 mags and some tequila magically appear. We meet some girls from Toronto in town for the first time and hit it off. Then 2 other random Asian girls come over and we're all talking.

    Soon, some random guy comes over to talk to the 2 randos and I let him know that they can leave with him or he can leave my table area. I repeat myself as he tries to act confused. Eventually one of the Toronto girls had enough and told him to get out.

    Now, I couldn't write this shit in a book. As he walks away mad, the dude tunes up the band for a sweet chin music and one of the Toronto girls jumped in between us!! I get her out of the way and he walks away trying to say "I got my eyes on you".

    2 minutes later security handles him and his crew out of the venue. The Asian girls tell me they had no idea who the guy was. Guys are ballsy these days, I'd never walk into someones table area.

    We all enjoy the rest of the night and everyone goes separate ways for gaming/sleep.


    Not ideal weather for nightswim. Half our group wants to do a lounge instead, the rest do GA for Kygo nightswim. We're luckily able to get a refund for the table and we set our sights on Clique at Cosmo. After dinner at Andreas and Sebastian Maniscalco at Encore theater, we head over. We're all about 3 drinks in and STRUGGLING to fill this tab. It was about $400 all in for 4 guys and you could order food as well. Had a great view of the talent walking around the resort. Didn't get food cuz I was so full from dinner but it all looked great. Toronto girls meet us and we eventually head back to Keith's suite for the fountains and afterparty. Got the girls all robed up, some went into the jacuzzi. What happens in Vegas.....

    Monday I check into a panoramic suite at Encore, Rumors was cool but fucking d e a d. They closed off the outside area by 2 so the inside was alright but it had to have been mostly comps. Someone at Wynn was having a bday party. No clubs Tuesday since everyone had left by then but I closed out my trip with dinner at SW.

    Not the craziest TR but enough memories to last a lifetime, I can't wait to do it all again with my JC brothers!!!


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      Most interesting part that stands out to me is the atmosphere models. Was it really that dead at XS on a holiday weekend that they needed to fill the place with "extras"? Seems crazy to me and makes me have to think about strategy for July 4th weekend. Maybe pull from the guest list line to start.


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        i'd say the GA patio was a little more than half full. our vip patio area was fine compared to the back wall/3rd tier couches full of girls taking pics for IG. unless deadmau5 at kaos made that much of an impact on crowd, i just think it was a slow weekend. our buddies host at cosmo said they were at 40% mdw and sold out the following week.


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          Goes to show you never know. I was there Nov 2nd for DJ Snake last year and it was wall to wall. Had a solo 4 top and things were just fine.

          I actually really like the immediate patio at XS. Great spot with solid traffic.

          Well here's to great future trips for all of us.




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