Guys Boozy Bachelor Party TR 4/24 - 4/29 - Las Vegas Nightclubs

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Guys Boozy Bachelor Party TR 4/24 - 4/29

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  • Guys Boozy Bachelor Party TR 4/24 - 4/29

    This was a special trip as I planned the bachelor party for a dear Irish friend currently living in and coming from Spain. And it did not disappoint as we had a blast.
    The first few nights we stayed in a few comped rooms at the Venetian, which remains one of my favorite places to stay; they were able to put all of our rooms on the same floor, which made things extremely easy. The Bella Suites are phenomenally large and the entire resort has a wonderful array of restaurants (for each price level as well). My only complaint is the gambling…. I wish the lower limit blackjacks still paid out 3:2 on BJs rather than 6:5. The final night we stayed in a gorgeous double bed room with a balcony at the cosmopolitan overlooking the Bellagio fountains. The view alone from there, and being able to be outside was amazing.
    Four of us landed Wednesday night and picked up some party supplies for the room (some alcohol, cups, snacks, water/Gatorade, etc…) and then we had reservations with Sundance helicopters for a nighttime strip tour. The strip tour with Connor our pilot was awesome and provided some great views of the strip. Later that night we had a small table reservation for the nightclub Intrigue at the Wynn for DJ Snake. That was a blast and a great way to set the tone for our trip as we stumbled back to the venetian at 4am.
    Thursday we had reservations at 11am with Exotics Racing to drive some extremely expensive and fast cars around a racetrack. My only concern was that we weren’t too hungover to make it. We woke up at 10am and Ubered out to the racetrack (which was further than I anticipated). Why they don’t make you do a breathalyzer as soon as you walk through the door is still a mystery to me…. Especially in Vegas but oh well. Anyhow the Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Huracan LP580 were a few of our choices and away we went. Truly an amazing experience. After that we went to The Whiskey Attic for a whiskey tasting. Boy that was an exceptional experience and my hat goes off to JD who is the educator throughout the tasting. He’s extremely knowledgeable of all the distilleries globally and their history as well. He also had the patience to indulge us and answer all of our (ridiculous) questions. At the end he asked us questions about our palate and based on that picked out whiskeys for each of us individually. Great time!
    That night we suddenly became a party of 10 and we headed down to the Nine Fine Irishmen for some more whiskey and dinner. The place was good, nothing to write home about really, but the whiskey options were great and a large reason why we were there. From there we did some lounge hopping as we went to the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan, then Hyde at the Bellagio, before eventually making our way to O’sheas at the Linq, where we ended up playing some beer pong for way way too long. Made it back to the Venetian rather early around 3am.
    Friday we had reservations at TopShot in order to shoot some guns, which was a great time! We bought the bachelor a few extra rounds on some ARs and he had a wonderful time. The owner of the place was also Irish (so they bonded instantly) and very very pleasant and patient with our hungover group. From there we did some lunch at In-n-Out prior to heading to Gene Woods Racing Experience (which may have been a mistake after In-n-Out). Our group of ten was able to get on the track together rather quickly to race each other in go Karts. From the outside the place doesn’t look reliable or even safe for that matter but the cars and the service were both good for us. We were able to race around for 8 minutes twice (which is longer than you think when you’re driving full speed go karts in the Las Vegas heat). Place was a lot of fun, my only problem was that we smelled a bit like petrol after… so the poor Uber driving after this probably wasn’t too happy with us.
    From there we went back to the room, quick shower and then went down to the adult only pool Azure at the Palazzo complex. It was a nice relaxing time at the pool with a few beers from the bar. Nothing terribly exciting, but a great spot with great music and relaxation.
    That night we were a party of 12 and we had dinner reservations at STK at the cosmopolitan. They gave us a private room, which allowed us to modify the lighting and the music which was great. The service was phenomenal and the food was absolutely delightful. It’s not the best steakhouse in Vegas, but for the atmosphere for 12 guys it definitely hit the spot and was very good.
    At night we had reservations at Hakkasan for a dance floor table at Lil Jon, which was phenomenal. The drinks were constant as we had an array of liquor bottles, and the dancing never stopped. The table was huge to fit the 12 of us comfortably and to be able to sit and relax at times was nice. Lil Jon put on a phenomenal show as an entertainer; even beginning his set out on the dance floor surrounded by everyone and handing out shots!! Truly a great time. Left the MGM around 5am and stumbled into an uber back.
    Saturday we had bottle reservations at Kaos at the palms and had to be there at noon. So we mobilized around 1130 to head to the Palms and entered Kaos still hungover and very zombie-like. We ordered an array of fried foods to help get us going again, as well as some bottles of vodka, whiskey, and rum, and by 1:30pm we were finally feeling better. Some great tunes by Marshmello led to some great dancing and partying at the pool. Headed back to the Venetian around 5pm and took a much needed nap.
    That night we were a smaller group of 6 (I think) and ended up at XS for Diplo. XS still remains one of my favorite clubs in Vegas… I just love the layout and the ability to get some much needed fresh air outside, but yet still remain within the party atmosphere. Diplo played a good set and we found ourselves out on the dance floor dancing the night away.
    The next morning we switched hotels over to the cosmopolitan for rooms overlooking the Bellagio fountains. Amazing views; I think I still pick the venetian rooms due to size and some slight other edges, but the view from the cosmopolitan room and the added balcony is amazing. The ability to sit on the balcony and have a cigar with a cocktail is priceless. We had breakfast at Holsteins in the cosmopolitan (mostly because the wait for eggslut was over 2 hours), which was great. Then we walked into Marquee Dayclub, which still remains one of my favorite party pools in Vegas. The intimacy of the pool is great and the DJs are usually very good. Our DJ this particular Sunday (Klingande) came out through the crowd playing a saxophone solo for about 30 minutes… it was phenomenal. The whole display system, between him, the crowd, the dancers, was an enormous spectacle.
    On Sunday night we took it easy as we had an 11am flight out the next morning; so we had dinner at Beauty & Essex and it was wonderful as usual. I gambled at blackjack until pretty late and then passed out for a few hours before heading to the airport. I wish I would've gambled more on this trip, but alas, it wasn't about me, it was all about the bachelor.
    All in all a phenomenal trip; I usually don’t go for so long but since the bachelor was flying from Spain we had to make it worth his while. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments. Cheers

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    Sounds like an awesome bachelor party, I bet the groom was thrilled. Thanks for sharing!


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      Bravo - thanks for sharing the adventure, your crew really packed a lot in! Cheers


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        THATS how itís done!


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          Thanks guys! It was one of the funnest times I've had in Vegas in a while... Still recovering a week later. haha. cheers




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