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Jan 2018 - Late Bday , AVN Fail , Double Club Night

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  • Jan 2018 - Late Bday , AVN Fail , Double Club Night

    Hey Friends & Fam,

    First Time writing a Vegas Trip Report!

    Vegas Trip Details :

    Dates : Jan - 22 - 24 Tuesday - Thursday
    Hotel : Park MGM
    Roster : 4 Guys - 31 , 41 ,43 , 61 - AP , AC , Mike & James

    We left San Diego, CA around 11:30am arrived into Vegas at 12:15, its crazy how southwest said on the flight it was due to arrive at 12:50 but we landed at 12:15pm! Upon our arrival we had pre-coordinated for a Limo Pickup with Presidential limo. Ive used Presidential Limo the last 5 vegas trips its great for large group , you get an hour enough time to stop at Grocery Store / Dispensary or any other stop on the way to the hotel!

    After meeting up with our Driver/buddy Alex we wanted to get some Alchol & Cigars so we stopped at Cigar Warehouse (Off of Flamingo) amazing Selection! Got 5 cigars , lighter , Free Cuter , Free Bottle of Water for $50 compared to almost $20 a cigar on the Strip!

    We then headed to Park MGM! We were excited to check out the former Monte Carlo! We arrived and we were suprised to see that Check-In is all done through Self Check-In kiosks! Definitely could be new way to check in since your computers dont ask for Vacations - sick days or raises haha!

    We got two basic queen rooms - adjoining! simple - basic decor nothing to ride but as you will read we proably only spent a total of 6 hours in the room over the next two nights.

    After unpacking & unloading we went downstairs to check out EATLY the new Food Hall (Italian Themed) attached to the front of the Park! I opted for a fresh Artisan Pizza - Mike & James shared a 1/2 Chicken & AC had a Prime Rib Sandwhich. we wanted something small & light because we had Dinner Reservations setup for Stack at Mirage thanks to my VIP host through HK group! After Eating we took the tram to Bellagio and played their for while & then headed back to Aria & finally Park MGM.

    We had Dinner Reservations at 8pm at Stack and it was 6 of us I invited our LIMO Driver Alex because him and I have become pretty close and then my VIP host joined us! Upon our arrival we had a round of shots comped Patron as well as Dessert shots at the end of the meal plus a nice discount on the bill. I went with the Ribeye - James had Short Rib - Mike & Ac each had the filet. It was a great meal - a little slow & dragged out but i understand since it was Bday! We wrapped up dinner around 10:15 so we had plenty of time to walk off our dinner , smoke a cigar and have a drink before OMNIA!

    We walked over to OMNIA & I couldn't believe how empty it was! I knew that it was a Tuesday but NGHTMRE was playing so i figured it would get pretty packed. We decided to wait & gamble, so after losing a couple $100 on Craps at 11pm we decided to head in to OMNIA - again it still super DEAD.

    We had Table 24B - a shared Table which we werent to pleased about but we were a small group of 6 people.

    From 11pm - 1am the whole dancefloor was basically empty other than a few nerds - older single men - and a few comp promoter tables with girls. Because it was so empty our host took us a for a tour of the whole club include the Heart & Balcony. The heart room was slammed with all the INDUSTRY People raging!

    From 1am-3:30 we raged pretty hard had a decent minimum & we were 2nd tier table Center Stage so we were in prime position to party! We bought a Magnum of Vodka & Magnum of Rose Vevue! Thanks to my relationship with HOST we got to party with other Industry people.

    Since it was my Birthday they did a Huge Birthday Presentation Package with BIG HEADS & Champagne!

    Aorund 3:00am my host was like Strip Club - I was like what the hell! My boys were all tapping out - Mike , James , AC headed back to Park.

    I joined a Industry group in a LIMO to Rhino. From the hours of 3am-5am is where the night gets weird. The Limo was a mix of Bottle Server Girls , Hosts & Promoters. In the Limo one of the guys got a hold of my BIG HEAD Cardboard Cut Out and once we arrived to Rhino he got out of the LIMO And threw the BIG HEAD and it hit a fucking Car! We almost were denied entry but luckily we acted like we didnt know him and got right in. We joined a COMP Table - I had a 3 dances by a ASIAN girl & black girl. Around 4:00am one of the RHINO Host asked if we wanted to go have Breakfast at the New Breakfast at Rhino Club in the Back! Sounded Interesting! So we headed to the back sat down at table got a free Patron shot and we were served 3 Grilled Cheese Platters & Fries!

    Around 4:30 I said enough was enough i had spent my nightly budget at STACK - OMNIA - RHINO & GAMBLING!

    Got back to the hotel at 4:45 and crashed becuase we had plans to hit AVN , Buffet at Aria , Dinner at Homestead Caesars & Possibly another Club!

    Thanks Guys!

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    Great start...always love reading TR’s...please keep it going


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      Day 2 - Wednesday 1/23

      After getting back to the room around 4:30-5am I thought we would sleep in til like 11-12ish but Im a early riser even in Vegas!

      We woke up around 9:00am (4 hours of sleep haha) Got ready and we were on our way to Aria Buffet by 10:30am. It was a quick walk from Park MGM litterally 5 minutes! We arrived and by 11:00am and there was no one there! It was $25.99 a person and it was their Brunch Buffet.

      It was a great buffet had all the basics except no eggs other than a omelette station, great waffles , bacon , desserts. Coffee was very average.
      After about an hour and a few trips to the buffet we had enough!

      After the buffet we headed back to our Hotel and it was 12:30 so we said fuck it lets head to AVN! So we grabbed a Cab and we were there around 12:45 and got int line! Now keep in mind we are all AVN Virgins so we didn't know what expect- We purchased standard GA Admission Tickets for $75.

      The line was decent sized they ran us through metal detectors & basic security checks we all had to sign filming & liability waivers as we entered the doors.

      Once we got in we thought okay lets do this - Well all I have to say it was very underwhelming. The big main room MUSE Room was filled with all the big companies Jules Jordan - My Free Cams & other big production houses in the Porn Business. We didn't recognize anyone. It was basically a cattle call of guys walking around staring. haha.

      The 2nd rooms called the Artist Room was more of a Toy & play room - they had lots of Pocket P*ssys - robots - and other toys to use in the bed room.

      Over in the Joint was were they had probably 50-75 so called porn stars doing photo moments - signing autographs.

      We hung out at AVN for about 3 hours but On a scale of 1-10 I would rate it a 2.5-3, definitely not worth $75 and I know that it was the opening day so maybe it was a little slow starting point.

      So after AVN we headed back to Park MGM to get ready for another crazy night! We made dinner reservations for Home Stead at Caesars Palace where we planning on meet my dad who was also in Vegas attending the SHOT SHOW. Before dinner we did some gambling and I got my HOT HAND for the night!

      I hit back to back $175 PAYOUTS on roulette on Number 11 & 14

      Homestead was amazing We were blown away! I had the small ribeye - Mike had the Bone-In Ribeye - AC - Bone in Filet & James - petit filet. The meat was tender and delicious. Cooked Perfection. After dinner we walked through Forum Shops and headed over to the Venetian while smoking another cigar! One of our favorites : Montecristo - White Label Series!

      We checked out Venetian and decided we would head back to the hotel to grab a drink and cigar and decide on the nights plans!


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        So uhm, gonna finish this?


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          Cliffhanger! Waiting on the finale.


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