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April 2018 trip report - 4 guys, GA instead of Bottle service

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  • April 2018 trip report - 4 guys, GA instead of Bottle service

    Our group is headed back for MDW, and after using this site in the past felt a contribution was in order. We are all (3 of us) between 30-40, single, and have been to vegas several times, and know our way around re: the pools and clubs. We usually do tables or cabanas, but wanted to try going GA (host walk ins though). We were comparing our experiences and demonstrating a point to one of our friends, who was asking why we need to spend so much at the clubs. This was supposed to be a "proving the point" kind of experience. Since we were going back relatively soon, we tried the GA route. We discovered something in the process that was completely unexpected, and the opposite of what we have been doing for years. Check it out.

    Day 1, Friday
    We all meet in Chicago, and are on the same flight. My friends are on the second (and final) leg of the journey, one from S Fla. and the other 2 from the east coast. The guys had a few drinks on the way into O'hare and were feeling good by the time we took off. Across the aisle, we noticed three attractive girls who were lit, and being in first class means the drinks keep coming. We chat them up for a bit and the girls end up being from S fla, so our boy took the lead in getting them onboard once we land. Great flight so far and we are all feeling good . We land, check in at Cosmo, (the universal favorite for our crew), and get to our rooms. Everyone has a 1 bed terrace w a fountain view, and the rooms can connect if wanted. We text our guy @MDC and he gets us right in. Not doing the bed or cabana here is a first...However we all gamble and have been drinking since the plane ride, and we sit down and each take out markers. The waitresses here are all amazing, and tipping them gets a double every time. We are pretty toasty at this point, and 2 of the 3 of us are up over $2k in 90 mins. We color up and ask the waitress for another round for our descent into the pool madness....
    Here we find a wild, diverse group of girls from Ecuador and Venezuela. These women are looking for some gringo...and we were happy to welcome them to our wonderful country. At this point, I am thinking "where T F are we going take them to drink and hang out before the attempted close"? After 30 mins of pool time, we go back to the gaming pavilion for a bit with the ladies. Our waitress from earlier appears quickly and gets our drinks going fast. She once again makes everyone a double, and gets a nice tip for the great service. The guy who lost a bit earlier recovers+$300, and buys his marker back. We have finally beaten the MDC tables collectively..not an easy thing to do btw. We were hanging out with the girls for another hour or so, and more drinks +hot latina women = fun. We take the party upstairs, open up the connecting doors, and the girls are asking for room service. We order and the food comes up 30 mins later. At this point, the first guy is hooking up in his suite, and the girls seem down for whatever. We pair off, close those connecting doors, and since I could use a shower, I get in and 5 mins later my new friend appears. Thats where I will leave Friday afternoon.

    We said our good byes to the girls around 9, got ourselves in order, and had dinner @Zuma at 10:30. Amazing sake selections, even more amazing food, and excellent service. Its midnight now and we are ready to hit Omnia. We get to Caesars, play the tables for a few, pre drink a couple of rounds, and then text our guy. He gets us in, and I am thinking "how can I do Omnia without a table". We are feeling pretty good from the sake with dinner (finished the bottle) as well as the ciroc/red bull on the way in, so all we really wanted at this point was water. This was where a reality check hit us for the first time maybe ever. We are in sea of people on our way to the DF, when we see a group of bachelorettes passing us going the opposite way. The girls are complaining about some guys that were being overly aggressive towards them on the DF. The one girl stated "why are guys with tables acting like total a-holes"..Of course I had to listen to this crap as we were moving slowly down to the DF. As it turns out, I was talking to the bride's best friend. She had been having a bit of a rough night. So i ask her to tell me about her night, and her and two of her friends follow me up to the bar for a round. (miserable experience, ordering a drink from the bar in a club) but still determined to not get a table. 30 mins later, we get served, I tip the bartender well, and ask her for expedited service if I come back. She agrees and I am drinking with the girls, and hearing stories of 'how guys at the pool today thought they were kings of the universe" because they had real estate. Being that's our crew's usual route, I explained that not all of the groups with real estate treat women poorly.....After playing psychologist for an hour, I noticed the most attractive of the three was giving me the look. No need to explain it, its just the look. I text my other two friends and one replies he will come up to play wing. He does, and we hit the DF with the girls. (All three were good looking women), and are on the floor with them for a bit when two of them begin making out. It was quite the show. At this point its 3;30 am, and we invite the girls to join us at the cosmo for a little gambling and a nightcap. We get to Cosmo at 4, and the bride is trying to be good and get her friends back to their hotel. Our other friend finally joins us and is doing great at keeping the bride in good spirits. We hit the high limit room, play for a bit, order coconut waters and fijis, and tell the girls they can crash with us if they want. 1 is in, the other feels guilty about leaving the bride, so then a bunch of chick drama ensues. Our crew says we have to go to the bathroom, and we go up to sleep for the night. Our one friend apparently texted the best looking girl, and she joined him for the night. Thats the end of day 1. Zero tables, zero cabanas and a great start.

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    I'm jealous.
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      Nice! Keep it coming . . .


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        Very nice start
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          Forgot to finish this.....Day Two

          We all wake up around 1 pm, and get down to the pool area. We are a bit on the hung over side, and order some food from the Cosmo pool area. Everything seemed relatively fresh, and tasted good. We then lounge for a bit, and hit up EBC shortly after. Now this is one place where guys absolutely do not need bottle service (I was, initially, regretting the GA move)...Tons of open areas, shaded gaming pavillion with top self drinks, and lots of attractive women. We noticed that the majority of the real estate was occupied by sausage, with a lack of pink tacos...meanwhile the flirting women in the gaming areas and pool were solo. Its interesting what happens when you ignore the cultural myths of LV and really look around. Guys really do over pay for partying in this city, and rationalize it as "its vegas, everything's expensive so whatever" and most of them leave alone.
          We met a great group of girls from San Fran, and as we were gaming again, had the waitress bring them shots and mixed drinks. We were having a good time (although losing our asses at the 21 table),but as we tried to move the ladies back to the Cosmo, we were rejected. These girls just wanted free drinks and to meet some new friends....
          As we wrapped up EBC, we decided to check out TAO beach as one of our hosts offered an hour of open bar there. The group discussed how EBC has rapidly declined over the past few years, in terms of overall ratios (4-1 sausage), quality of the girls inside (used to see 10's, now more like 6's), and overall vibe. It's no longer the premier dayclub experience. We get to TAO beach, crush the open bar, and its packed. Met a good group of intoxicated girls from ASU, and closed it down. Some making out ensues, and we offer up the Omikase at Zuma before attempting to close. The girls are in, and we head back to Cosmo. After dinner, 4 of the 5 come up to check out the bellagio water show from balcony, and we order up some wine and waters. These girls were fun as hell to hang out with, and we invited them to join us at Omnia that night. We break up the party for some R and R, and get ready for the night. We met the ladies out, but not having a table here we lost them pretty fast lol. We are noticing (again), that most tables are full of groups of guys without women. It's at this point that I seriously question the table vs GA experience. No waiting in line is great, but the juice ultimately may not be worth the squeeze..However without a table you will def need a walk in. Not getting a $10k bill is nice.
          We met a few different groups of ladies, but Omnia is not really GA friendly. You will get moved quickly if in the main room....The night ends at 5 am and we are pretty wasted and tired. Apparently a cute Vietnamese girl from San Jose ended up giving me lap dances (I was told, didn't remember shit) in the limo on way way back to hotel. Went to bed to rest up for more MDC and XS in a few hours..


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            Day Three

            Wake up at 2 pm feeling great...although we were going to be a no show at this point for MDC. Decide on Lavo brunch instead, which turned out to be a great move. Good food, amazing vibe and cool people. We meet a bunch of girls from the UK, and hung out with them pretty much the entire time. These ladies def seemed like they wanted to make bad decisions and create some vegas hookup stories of their own. I will always make time for the Sunday Lavo brunch..its the best thing going with awesome people and feels like a dayclub without the extreme heat and sunburn. We end up back at the Cosmo, and our UK friends are drunk as balls and making out with anything and everything.

            The trip ended with a disappointing night at XS nightswim (seriously wtf happened to the Wynncore?). We got walked in, made the rounds a bit, and saw more hookers then any other place in vegas. I think our group is officially done with the Wynn properties; the overall experiences at both EBC and XS were lacking as it relates to cost vs. value.
            Both venues had the absolute worst ratios for men, shit music and and maybe for the first time ever, made me glad I had not dropped thousands on a table.

            Overall, we compared cost vs. value from previous trips getting bottle service to this one going GA (with walk ins). Our group figured out with a table, meeting the ladies was expected. You assume that because you have real estate in a prime location, you can't lose (myth). In reality, the table may hurt your game. Getting a bottle special in a prime location for less than $1k makes logical financial sense if you are splitting the cost however many ways...but we talked to a lot of girls who felt uncomfortable going to a guys table without feeling like they owed the guys something for the hospitality. The majority of girls we met at the clubs were not down for hooking up. We compared our decade of buying bottles (collectively) to this GA experience , and GA will win everytime. I also want to point out that having previous host relationships helps navigate entrance into the tier 1 places on weekends. We noticed some of the presales for Omnia, XS, and EBC were not recieving expedited entry. in short, in the absence of a bottle special, save your cash and go GA. Much easier to meet people with no financial regrets at the end of the trip.


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              I think the GA experience varies wildly from night-to-night. If you are very good looking and have the ability walk up to girls and start a conversation in a club your odds increase dramatically of having a good time most places going GA. I'm not a baller so I can't afford to do BS usually more than one night per trip (usually a tier 2 place) so I end up doing a lot of GA methods (guest list, players card entry, pre-sale, club crawls...standing in line is the very last resort). Some nights I will hit a string of great nights and sometimes I just don't do well the GA route.

              Honestly I'm probably in the 7 range in terms of looks so I have to work for the ladies. Its rare that I get attractive women to approach me in club. I always have much better luck striking up a conversation outside and meeting the girls later inside. I think that is the advantage of BS. Most woman coming to your table for free drinks expect to at least have to talk to the guys at the table so if you are charming enough you have a much better chance at hitting it off. Its an ice breaker making easier to strike up a conversation.
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                Still jealous of your success, and relative ease of making it.
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                  GA only makes sense if its a smalll group too. Large group and you need a table


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                    Just updating this as some friends from work just returned from a long weekend there. They went the pre-drinking /walk in route as well and had higher success rates than getting a table. They noticed the IG thots all over the backwalls at XS and poolside tables at EBC. These clubs are not filling up with girls like they used to.


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                      I think the vegas girl landscape is definitely changing... Promoters are dropping the ball here... and it seems clubs are getting sparse earlier as well...

                      Ratios are also dwindling


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                        Is this a result of the overall decline in visitors to Vegas? Is the club scene just changing, period?

                        And let's be honest, if you need BS to get girls, you don't have much hope anyway. Creepy guy+ alcohol + trying to get laid= scared and turned off girls.

                        There is a lot of downtime during the day to hang out and talk to women on the strip. Maybe you actually find someone fun and you invite them to the club with you. Pre-scouting is a thing and yes it does work.


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                          I agree. The Vegas landscape is changing. Ratios suck at clubs (generally) within the last year or so. Groups of guys are sitting around checking out / flirting with paid models. Things have changed.


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                            My experience... small clubs now suck. Bigger clubs have the greatest number of girls but have a heave contingent of paid models and instahoes. Its more challenging to get a decent group of girls interested in partying and having fun... rather than getting the next insta shot to get more followers.

                            Ratios as mentioned.... and even the security / "girl guys" are struggling.

                            Once again.. this is resting with the promotion of the club and the vegas dynamics changing.

                            Going forward... Big DJ, Big Club try and meet girls out to invite to club later.. imo tables still reign supreme.


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                              After this weekend, I can confirm all of the above from Aus. Tons of models and girls looking for that perfect Insta shot at all three spots.

                              However, your last statement is still the truest. Confirmed this weekend that tables still do reign supreme!


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