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    I've got a ton of MyVegas loyalty points saved up but ended up with a comped room through Total Rewards for my next trip so I figured I would go see some shows with my girlfriend. We've already seen Ka, but that's pretty much it.

    Could any of you who have seen some of these shows rank them?

    Beatles Love

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    Love is tops on that list. Get those two tickets for sure, Zarkana because it is free, wasnt worth the price tag on the tickets IMO. Zumanity was ok I guess. Not a fan of old chicks talking about fucking for 1.5 hours. I see them all through MyVegas premium ticket offers, cannot complain about the seats I had at any of them
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      I'll offer a counterpoint - Zumanity is really lighthearted and fun. The performance is still stunning, it just adds a bit of cheesy sensuality and humor. If you aren't a Beatles fan, Love's advantage is almost non-existent.
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        Having now been to both Zumanity and Love, I can see why people could have totally different opinions about them. I'm a Beatles fan and Love was fantastic, and Zumanity was definitely a fun time out with my girlfriend. I'd say they are so different in content and tone that ranking them was a pretty impossible task.


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