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Helicopter Tour or Copperfield??

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  • Helicopter Tour or Copperfield??

    I am wondering what everyones thoughts are on front row for Copperfield vs a Grand Canyon/Strip Helicopter Tour? based on past experiences what would you rather?? They are both roughly $450...

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    I'd be 100% helicopter out of those two options, but you might want to consider the many other great things you can do with $450 in Vegas.


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      Sounds like your talking about the Copperfield Meet & Greet
      Not sure the exact helicopter tour.
      Will say on Grand Canyon understand there are two parts-
      South rim- the original spot- run by the canyon
      West rim- which is a little bit closer to vegas but is more $$ you have to pay for parking, pay to walk on the walkway, pay for a photo on the walkway
      See which part its going over.

      That said you can do a bus tour from vegas to south rim all in including lunch for $80 a person- it takes all day 7am-9pm
      You can do flyovers of the west rim in a small plane for about $125 a person but its a 70 minute round trip flight so you probably have 5-10 of looking at it.

      Will also say on Copperfield its a small theater 740-seat capacity- so even if you did the $70 seats not bad view- also realize your sat at tables with a waitress and you can order drinks if you like.

      I have done Copperfield and South rim bus tour- both are memorable and both can be done for under $450


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        tnx for the heads up on the copperfield meet and greet, you were right. $243 without for 2 tix....Maverick heli for $515 is the cheapest I found. So I think we will do copperfield and save heli for next time. we are only there for 3 nights (week nights) so got zumanity booked, might book copperfield now too.


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          Helicopter tour of the grand canyon without a doubt. It is one of the best places I have ever seen when travelling (and I've travelled a bit around the world). We landed inside and got to walk around for a few mins.

          It is absolutely astounding how big the canyon is and when you think that it was created over years and years by water slowly wearing away the rock - it's mind blowing.
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            david copperfield v grand canyon?

            Out of the two ancient relics, mate... grand canyon 100%.


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              As an aside, since the question has been answered.

              Not sure of your group demographic, but we did the exotic racing one day last year and that was one of the most fun things i've ever done. Getting to drive a super car around a track full throttle was awesome.
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