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  • Looking for food for 15+ people

    Hi everyone! I'm a student at ASU. I am planning my 21st birthday trip for a group of 15 of my friends and we will be coming to Vegas in mid-December (still working on the exact date). Totally new and a bit overwhelmed with planning and a comment on a reddit post redirected me to this forum and thought I'd make an account and see if I can get any help! Trying to maximize the most fun and spend the least I can but obviously willing to spend as I understand it is Vegas after all! How should I go about looking for food? Any help will be great! Thank you!

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    I did a group for 12 guys recently and we had one good dinner for everyone to attend at STK (located in the cosmo). The STK is a good steakhouse and we had a private room in the back which kind of took us away from the atmosphere which was a bummer, but was still a great time, great meal. We each ate well for under $200.

    Other than that, everyone had meals on their own... using walking around the Linq area or within the Venetian where we stayed. Planning to get everyone together for one meal was a lot of work.


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      Carbone is a great place to have a birthday dinner. It’s energetic yet super classy, Motown tunes, amazing Italian food with an emphasis on big family-style portions. The rigatoni alla vodka, pork chop with peppers and giant shrimp scampi are some of my favs. Everyone can eat well for not too much money. This is by far my top choice.

      Best Friend in the Park MGM is a trendy new Korean-fusion restaurant with killer Korean bbq and fun cocktails. Awesome old school hip hop in the background.

      If you want a bit of old Vegas class, try Prime at the Bellagio. Feels like a steakhouse that Frank Sinatra would have dined in. Amazing quality steaks and Bellagio fountain views!
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        Planning a trip to Vegas sounds like a blast. As for food for your big group, you can definitely find some great options. I'd suggest looking for happy hour specials or affordable eateries off the Strip. A good idea is to browse through online platforms like Yelp or TripAdvisor to read reviews and get an idea of the prices and atmosphere of different places. You can also ask for recommendations from locals or friends who have been to Vegas before.


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          I see it's been a while, but I'd like to chime in. One great way to maximize fun and minimize expenses is to check out some of the buffet options in Vegas. They usually offer a wide variety of dishes, so there's something for everyone in your group. Another option is to look for group dining packages or deals at restaurants. Many places in Vegas have special offers for larger parties, so you might be able to score some good deals. If you're craving Mexican cuisine, you may search for some mexican near me options on Google. Vegas has a variety of Mexican restaurants that can cater to large groups. Don't forget to check out online review platforms or ask locals for their recommendations.


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