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  • Encore/Wynn - pool scene Qís from a first-timer

    Me: Iím a single guy, early forties, and love traveling to new places, open minded and just looking for fun and exciting experiences. Often times they are wild and crazy and involve like minded members of the opposite sex that I met when traveling. I travel alone bc I donít want anyone holding me back from whatever it is I want to do.

    So, on a whim I booked a room at the Encore for 2 nights (Wednesday and Thursday nights) in August. My primary interest is pool scene. Secondary is nightlife. I donít gamble. Havenít been to Vegas in about 20 years, so excited!

    Iím looking for info on the pool scenes at Encore+Wynn pools, and recommendations for which are best suited for me based on my profile I described above. I believe there are 3 pools at each. I booked Encore specifically for the dual access. Example question: is the pool where EBC is located also open during non EBC hours (and is it still a good scene)?

    I plan on doing the EBC Nightswim on Wed night and the EBC at Night on Thurs night. do any info/tips on those would be appreciated as well.

    Thanks in advance.

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    excellent choice. EBC is closed outside of club hours but you have 2 pools to choose from at encore. a main pool closer towards the check in area and the pool where XS is. at wynn you can find the main pool and a european area, along w the tower suites pool if you're a TS guest at either propery. i recommend both, but encore tends to be a younger crowd.

    i also suggest getting a day pass for the encore spa.


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      Thank you very much!


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        Are the Tower Suite pools worth the upgrade, scene-wise?


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          i actually preferred the regular resort pools. i'd check out the wynn side first, encore was a little quiet over memorial day weekend (yet i still couldnt find a chair lol).


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            Thank you!