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  • Hotel searching for 15+ people

    Hi everyone! I'm a student at ASU. I am planning my 21st birthday trip for a group of 15 of my friends and we will be coming to Vegas in mid-December (still working on the exact date). Totally new and a bit overwhelmed with planning and a comment on a reddit post redirected me to this forum and thought I'd make an account and see if I can get any help! Trying to maximize the most fun and spend the least I can but obviously willing to spend as I understand it is Vegas after all! How should I go about looking for hotels? I'll be having more girls than guys so they'll need time and space to get ready. Any help will be great! Thank you!

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    Sorry to answer so late, but here is a great 3-star option for the Mardi Gras Hotel & Casino. By the way, I've been to Las Vegas enough, can someone recommend a hotel in Noosa?


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      I hope you've never been there because when you get there, you'll be surprised at the beautiful views, from the beaches to the beautiful waterfalls. I can recommend different hotels, depending on what you want. If you look at, there are hotels for two people, and everything inside is made for a romantic couple. There are for large families, in one house, lots of rooms. Also, in my opinion, the most beautiful one is the one with a view of the waterfall. You can just lie on the bed and watch the waterfall. Anyway, it's up to you to decide which one is right for you.
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