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Best option for 16 guys?

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  • Best option for 16 guys?

    Best hotel option for ~16 guys... probably will end up being 12-14 guys. Looking to be close/save money, but have decent pool.

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    What is the budget? How many nights? Are you looking for a hotel that has a decent hotel pool or a decent dayclub?


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      2-3 nights, probably half the crew will come in Thursday: Thur, Fri, Sat

      Ideally would love a hotel with a nice pool. Dayclub we can travel to, so not that big of a deal.

      Our loose ideas are the following:

      Thur: stripclub... saw Spearmint has $825 bottle deal on their website
      Fri: nightclub... probably have around $400-$500 per guy, this leaves around a ~$4.5k min spend
      Sat: dayclub... thinking $200-$300 per guy, this leaves around ~$3.5k min spend

      Hotel maybe $150 per guy? This leaves around $2.4k all in... want to make sure we have enough room for 16 people.

      Thx for the help!


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        Your best bet might be to grab 4-5 rooms at Palazzo if you can get a good rate. They have a solid pool and the rooms are all pretty large if you get a bunch of Bella Suites.


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          Maybe look into booking a couple of timeshare suites or doing an AirBnB.