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    1. Raiders stadium
    2. The Drew Las Vegas formerly known as the Fontainebleau, will have nearly 4,000 rooms.
    3. The Resorts World Las Vegas will have 3,000 rooms.
    4. Wynn Paradise Park, will feature a 1,500-room hotel.
    5. Madison Square Garden Sphere venue
    6. Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority expansion

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    Intersting.. The Dre now pushed to 2022, and Paradise Park been scrapped... VEGAS IS STRUGGLING


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      current builds:

      LVCVA expansion
      Caesars convention center
      Wynn convention center/golf course reopening
      Resorts World topped off last week
      MSG Sphere
      Raiders stadium

      Maddox and Wynn are investing in a new resort across the street instead of putting $1.6bil into Paradise Park.

      Baccarat down, trade war, looming recession...


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        Originally posted by AusVIP View Post
        Intersting.. The Dre now pushed to 2022, and Paradise Park been scrapped... VEGAS IS STRUGGLING

        Everything goes in cycles. Certain portions of the economy are not doing as well as they were, and some people see the impending downturn coming. That just means cheaper rooms potentially again, until the time comes when the cycle swings back the other way and things are insane yet again.


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          The hotel business has suffered a lot. I remembered last fall, hotel rooms fell very much in price. All because of the coronavirus, which has restricted travel. After the new year, prices began to rise again, as the situation was more or less under control.
          A couple of days ago, I wanted to book a decent little meeting room for a business meeting in one of the hotels in New York. I noticed that prices have stabilized. It may be that not all hotels strive to make the prices for their rooms adequate.
          I hope that the coronavirus will soon disappear and everything will return to normal, and we will live normally.
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