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    Getting a deck table at Wet for Garrix in July for 5.5k min and then I am doing Ayu for 1k min and then Zouk for Kaskade for 5k min. I usually lean on the generous side but what do you think is a good tip for my hosts at Wet and then for the Zouk hookups? $250 and $300 good?

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    I wish I could join you guys but I am landing on July 30th.

    I usually give my host 300$-500$ per night depending on table location.


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      Really depends on the level of service. If they're getting you a discount or prime location then most would say 10% of the minimum or more depending on the discount and table location. If you're paying full retail aka same pricing as booking online then 5% is fine since you would've got the same spot by booking online. The only real benefit you're getting from paying retail with a host is preferred seating and quick entry.

      Of course, if you did the full booking online and are simply being walked in by a stranger on arrival then its completely upto you if you want to tip or not. Remember though, the gratuity in the bill or any added tip on the check only goes to the waitress and possibly busser. The host only sees whatever cash you personally hand them.


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        Rememer the host also gets a kickback of the total bill.


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          Appreciate it. I normally do $200 for like a 2-3k min but we got a little more coin in our pockets now and doing a bigger table so wasn't sure if its appropriate to adjust that by the rate or not. One table is same as online. Other is discounted and a better table. So I am giving that guy more.


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            200 sounds good for a 2k min. Its more then most hosts are used to since yeah they do also get roughly 4% of what you spend pretax.


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