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  • Review: Table Share Experience at Tao

    Hey everyone, I go to vegas every couple months so I'm always looking for new stuff to try out. Since this forum is kinda dead lately I thought I would start submitting some reviews of nightlife experiences. A little about me, I'm a long time user of this forum and have used it to split bottle service with many great people over the years. I'm in my late 30s now. I tend to appreciate the smaller venues and slightly older crowds now over the mega clubs where I'm starting to feel a little past my prime even though I can pass for a bit younger than I am.

    I was in Vegas two weeks ago on a Thursday. Tao has been my "go-to" for many years now on Thursdays. The crowd is a bit more mixed than other venues and the layout is more my style over the cavernous mega clubs. Normally I book a dinner reservation for around 10pm and eat (highly recommend their Triple pork fried rice) before getting their free stamp to go upstairs.

    This time I thought I would give their "table share experience" a try. I've thought about doing it a few times but always opted out at the last minute. On thursdays the cost is $100 plus $20 tax and a suggested $20 tip. I went ahead and paid the tip even though you can removed it at check out. So it $140 all-in. Not bad at all if it truly is a table service experience with unlimited drinks.

    The ticket said to arrive before 10:30 to guarantee entry. This felt a little early but I got there around 10:15 to be safe. I asked what line to get in and they directed me to the table service line so a good sign that you entry through the regular table service entry. The host at the table service rope said to come back after 10:30pm as they weren't opening til then. Fine with me, went to play some craps and ended up a quick $65.

    Came back around 10:45pm. The host was polite and energetic. He asked for the cc I paid with online and my ID. He had me initial a slip and sign saying I agreed the $120 plus $20 tip.

    He took me right up with no wait. He lead me up with another couple that was purchasing a table for themselves. The shared tables on this thursday were the three tables on the top tier opposite the main stage. This was about as optimal of a location as I could have hoped for.

    The waitress was very friendly and above average attractiveness for a table waitress so no complaints at all. She explained that this area was for the shared experience only. I was not allowed to bring people up here that had not paid to be there. I expected this so no surprise. Since I was the first person there, she asked if I liked vodka or Tequila. I said vodka and she had them bring out a bottle along with a variety of red bulls and mixers. The red bulls were a nice surprise as I didn't expect anything beyond the juice mixers you typically get for free.

    I asked her how many people they were expecting to this experience. She said she would check and quickly returned to tell me they have sold 7 shares for the evening. All 5 of 6 others were women (score!). Though they would still try to sell others on it through the night.

    A few minutes later two attractive older women (40s) arrived. Very friendly and talkative. All round very fun pair with a good sense of humor. They were followed by a mother/daughter combo celebrating the daughter's 21st and then a couple from Mexico. The couple from Mexico didn't speak much english and only ended up staying about an hour or two. The mother/daughter combo were great too. Easy to talk to and very comfortable to be around.

    We all drank a ton. As the night hit 2am the mother daughter combo called it a night and the host moved the three of us left down to the main table area where we got to get to know some of our neighbors better. The two older women were very flirty as the night wore on. There was dancing and much more as the drinks flowed. I was a really great vibe.

    The three of us drank way too much. Did a few things I don't regret. Overall a fabulous experience. I would take this over any bottle share experience meetup I've paid much more in my trips the last few years since covid ended. I will without a doubt give this a 2nd spin when I go back in August.

    Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer eventually.

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    I have done table shares, and had similar experiences. Zero regrets.


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      Sounds like you had a great time. You really lucked out on the ratio. Could?ve been a bunch of guys. I think it?s a risk as a single guy to do that because you can?t bring an ?outsider? (like a female you meet on the floor) back to the table. Though I don?t know how much they enforce that as the night goes on. I think it?s great for couples and I may do it with a friend on an upcoming trip.

      OP was the first table upstairs? I?ve never been to Tao and don?t really know the layout.


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        For the price, its not a huge risk. If you get stuck with a bunch of guys, you can always just roam the club and come back to refill your drink when you need to.

        The table was up a small stair case right in front of the 2nd bar direct facing the DJ booth. It a really decent location. It is not those odd tables on the 2nd floor that rarely get filled.
        Vegas Trip count: 32


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