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  • Big name DJ vs less crowded

    Hi all-
    Wow been a while since I was here (even had to get a new username etc) - things have changed! Anybody from the old JC days still here? Regardless.... Anyway I'll be in town this weekend for "work". Planning to hit the clubs Saturday and/or Sunday nights.

    Please bear with me...

    Last fall I went to XS on a Saturday night - music had too much hip hop for me. Went back Sunday night and it was perfect - just mostly EDM - such a fun night. Is that normal (at XS)? (Saturday vs Sunday music)

    So this weekend - I see Dom Dalla is at XS Sunday night - which sounds FUN but man I'm thinking it will be CRAZY PACKED! No?
    Plus its EDC this weekend....

    So - tips or advice? Where else would have a good crowd but not crazy packed, EDM more than hip hop...? Saturday and Sunday.
    Not totally against going to XS/ Dom Dalla but curious about other fun options.



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    just have xs or marquee this Sunday night.
    Calvin harris is at xs on saturday night
    don't forget about pool parties


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      Lately it seems like XS/Omnia/Zouk have been the top EDM spots each week. Encore Beach and Tao Beach have definitely been the summer hotspots for day parties.


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