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Midweek clubs in June?

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  • Midweek clubs in June?

    Been a while since I've gone midweek but Spirit just opened a new direct flight route from the east coast about 30 minutes from my house. Prices are stupid cheap during the week, literally $98 round trip if I can fit everything in a backpack. Thinking of making some quick trips more often now that its stupid cheap. I can go June 12-16 for less than $220 all-in with hotel. What are the next places monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday night these days in the summer?
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    Monday: Jewel
    Tuesday: Omnia
    wens daytime pool: liquid
    Wens: ebc @night or marquee library
    thursday daytime pool: tao beach, marquee day
    thursday: zouk, hakkasan

    spirit flights are also up to $23 cheaper each way if bought at the airport which can be done in advance


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      For Thursday Pool, Liquid and Wet Republic are open as well. Marquee and Liquid are probably the cheapest options of the 4.


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