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Wynn Nightlife Fallout

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  • Wynn Nightlife Fallout

    Wow! This is some crazy stuff and maybe gives some insight as to why Wynn nightlife has so quickly tumbled down the nightlife scene rankings. Apparently a major national publication is releasing an article soon with more details but from solid sources, it appears Cordova was involved in artificially creating a bidding war for Marshmellow with Kaos and got a major kickback, in the millions of dollars range. He was escorted off of Wynn property by security last week and from all reports, his resignation, was actually a you're out from the board.

    Steve Angelo was a no show on Friday this past weekend, and apparently according to social media reports, they closed the club early as it was dead and quiet. Wonder if there will be additional talent issues. Anyone else have any other info on this developing situation?

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    Steve Angello has only showed once this year, Ingrosso hasn't at all. Hearing the artist management is involved and to expect lineup changes. So many rumors going around (vitalvegas is a good twitter follow).


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      Yeah I follow them for sure. Just find it interesting given the overall vibe towards XS and EBC this past year.

      But you are basically saying Swedish House Mafia is just not honoring their contracts, which is a damn shame.


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        No reason not to question every major signing at Wynn. I can't see those $20k Drake tables selling if they're already not selling enough tables. They blamed Kaos on the last conference call but they're taking a hit on food&bev with less tables being sold.


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          Catching up on some old trip reports and many reporting that the Vegas landscape has changed. It's been a minute since I've been out there but what's different? What could make ratios and service so bad? Just overall decline? Or something more specific like the Wynn rumors?


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            IMO the whole big name DJ thing changed things. Due to the residencies, the clubs are having to charge high prices. Also, I think it causes people to look at the dj calendars more and the crowd follows the DJs they wanna see. So I think that hurts all the second tier clubs.


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              People are def following the dj they want to see. The same as any other music. Tier 2 are going to mostly going to close up except for maybe 2 that focus on super high end service/experience vs big name djs.


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                the big names are getting kinda repetitive too. if you go to vegas often or even twice a year you can wind up with the same names as last trip. i know mello/chainsmokers/tiesto/calvin are all main draws but how often they're around makes it alot easier for me to say "maybe next time".


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                  How many times can you see Calvin Harris, Tiesto, etc? Years ago we weren't concerned with what DJ was playing, we went for the club. Now, especially if you are looking for a non-EDM option you have to watch the calender and the calendar dictates where you go.


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                    All makes sense. I'm looking at Friday Oct 25 or Friday Nov 1 to start off my trip. I automatically assumed Nov 1 would be better since it's right after Halloween and it's a fight weekend. Thought Oct 25 would be dead in comparison but may need to reconsider given the feedback and who's performing on this weekends.


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                      Wow some major drama over there.... I guess we’ll see how this all plays out. They’ll be fine though. They still have elrow lol
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