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cosmopolitan bungalow marquee access

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  • cosmopolitan bungalow marquee access

    Long time follower first time posted - buddy wanted me to book a bungalow @ the cosmo specifically for direct access to marquee. When I contacted cosmo they said this access has been eliminated. When I watch YouTube videos of the bungalow from 2019 it contradicts what they are telling me. Anyone have any experience with this room type? I understand itís going to set me back a few bucks but no want to spend the money if we do not get direct access.

    In addition anyone know of any Monday bottle deals offered @ Marquee?

    Thanks !

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    I would go with what Cosmo are saying. I think the bunaglows are a little over hyped compared to say MGM skylofts. Thewir butler service also makes it interesting should yo want to bring your own booze and drinks in.


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      Figured that ... my buddy asked me to move forward anyway - was able to get a few dollars taken off the price and 2 bottles included.

      Any specials on Monday @ Marquee to be taken advantage of? I have gotten a bottle of champagne with a decent minimum and a small handshake. I have read about a Mr. Q package ? Table suggestions would be appreciated.



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        I last stayed at the bungalows in 17' and when I got in I received wristbands that gave us access to both Marquee day & nightclub. I guess that must have changed which is really strange given that you have direct access to Marquee Day Club via the back patio. Regardless the bungalow is an absolutely insane as long as the day club has a good turn out.

        Enjoy the views and the hot tub! But keep in mind that the bungalows at least the one I had only had one real bedroom. Penthouse suites are a pretty good option for similar price and has a full wraparound balcony.

        I would just ask the host you are going through if they have any buy 1 get 1 deals on Monday seeing as it is usually a slower night.
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          I contacted Cosmo directly with my identity number , bungalows are booked through their special events team. They offered me what is probably the standard rate for midweek. I had the contact info of a host when my play was more regular there and he said to call back the special events team - they offered me a slightly reduced rate from what I was quoted , 2 bottles of liquor and would take care of us for breakfast upon arrival. We have four in total so I figured one to the bedroom one for each of the two couches and they are bringing a rollaway. The dayclub will not be open as itís November but my buddy wanted the room with the hot tub. They offered to put me in contact with a host @ marquee which was not Cliff who has always taken good care of me in the past. Usually a small handshake $1,000 min and a free champagne for I guess what is considered second tier. DJ Ructus is on , havenít been in quite some time. Do I stick with Cliff or do I let the celebrations team book it for me? Any other deals to be had? I remembered a Mr Q package we will be 4 in total and are looking for a good location.

          Thanks !

          Thanks !




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