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  • Womenís dress code

    Hi guys

    Could anyone help and give advice?

    We re a group of five girls off to Vegas shortly and Iím hearing so many different opinions on what to wear on a night to the big clubs?

    Some say flat flip flops and semi casual while others said only heels and dressy outfits?
    This website mentioned dressy too, but others that have been are certain flip flops are ok for women?!
    (I will only be wearing dressy and heels but others in my group wonít)

    Would we get turned away if some girls donít wear heels to the big clubs?
    Just wanted to ask you guys so we can avoid getting turned away!!

    What do women generally wear? Thanks

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    Flip flops are only ok at pool parties and night swim events. If it's a normal nightclub event, flip flops will NOT work. You will need flats or heels.
    We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have! Contact us at [email protected]


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      Brilliant thanks for confirming!
      This is what I thought but others in group are insisting flip flops are fine... I ll let them know xx


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        Dressy and Heels would be the way to go... Nightclubs are a dressy place...


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          Hey Aaliyah!

          A decade of experience with Vegas trips has taught me if you want to be treated well, and get the most out of your evening, wear the heels. I don’t know where you are from, but I live in a small town. My general rule of thumb is if I would get nasty looks from old ladies in church at home, it’s appropriate for Vegas. Women usually tart it up a bit, as long as the main parts that men clamor to see in strip clubs are covered... That being said, I’ve seen plenty of women in straight up underwear... teddies, Bras, corsets... if your nips aren’t out, you’re good... if you have an unfortunate nip SLIP, ain’t nobody gonna mind. But get some fashion tape. You’ll see shorts, rompers and skirts so short, you wonder why the gal didn’t just wear a thong... (but that only works at the pool). So... pretty much wear what you feel great in, that makes you feel confident and sexy, and put away any judgment about what other women wear. We are all there to have a great time.... but in the nightclub, no matter how awful they feel, suck it up and put on the heels. Provided you and your friends are cool chicks without attitudes, you’ll most likely get a chance to sit at a table for a bit, and get off your feet... (but watch out for those cameras... when you sit down in a short skirt, unless you cross your legs, err body gonna get a view of your business, which if you don’t mind, I won’t judge). That being said, I WILL judge you for wearing flip flops to a nightclub. Gurl... thatís a hard pass. Just say no, and tell your friends too.
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            Look at it this way... you might not get turned AWAY for the flip flops... but youíll be waiting a while unless you are a Gay Ten... by that, I mean a woman that even GAY men will agree is a ten... and, trust: Iíve got lots of gay friends and they will be brutal if you look whack.... even if they like you. Just wear the heels. Itís easier.




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