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Searching for clubs for guys and girls (15+ people)

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  • Searching for clubs for guys and girls (15+ people)

    Hi everyone! I'm a student at ASU. I am planning my 21st birthday trip for a group of 15 of my friends and we will be coming to Vegas in mid-December (still working on the exact date). Totally new and a bit overwhelmed with planning and a comment on a reddit post redirected me to this forum and thought I'd make an account and see if I can get any help! Trying to maximize the most fun and spend the least I can but obviously willing to spend as I understand it is Vegas after all! How should I go about looking for clubs? I have girls and guys so maybe the girls will separately go to club and guys separately go to a club if possible. Any help will be great! Thank you!

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    If you truly want to party all night, make sure to go to Terrace Afterhours which is on the rooftop of Hustlers strip club. I think it only goes Saturday late night/Sunday morning (midnight to 10am?) It’s a super fun party with a laid back vibe and real house and techno music (not the more commercial stuff that the big Vegas clubs play). There’s always a sunrise set where the music is mixed to compliment the sun rising over the horizon. It’s a good option because those that wanna experience the Strip Club can go there while those who don’t can head straight to the rooftop to party. Good way to keep everyone happy. And be sure to look up their number to call for a free house car/limo. Don’t take a taxi because you’ll have to pay a fee to offset the taxi driver payouts (an old school Vegas thing where they pay cabbies to bring customers to stripclubs). Uber or Lyft are fine too though.
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