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Pre-Planned Party Packages - Worth it?

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  • Pre-Planned Party Packages - Worth it?

    Hello! We are planning a girls trip/bachelorette party at the end of July. July 27-30 to be exact. There are 5 of us. We want to have a fun night out but we are so overwhelmed by all of the nightclub choices, we don't even know where to begin. Is it worth it to do one of those pre-planned party packages through,,, etc.? We were thinking our big night out would be Friday July 28.

    Advice? Thoughts? Should we stay clear of those services? Or other recommendations?

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    Welcome to the board.

    Third party options usually cost more. Go to the hotels directly.

    My wife did hers in Vegas and went to Wynn for the combo dinner, free entry into their clubs. Her party was 18 girls. She did Andrea's for dinner and then started out going to XS and then moving over to Surrender as for her group XS was way to packed. They opted not to do the add on bottle package deal as they had her do a burn book. Maid of honor had a party bus pick them up from the hotel, they then went to the Welcome to Vegas sign for pics and then on to Wynn.

    Click on view packages and you can see the different dinners and scroll to the bottom for the add on's. You get the free entry into Surrender and Intrigue, they no longer include XS like they did in 2013, automatically by doing the dinner there: Tax and gratuity is already included in these packages at Wynn.

    Here is the link to Marquee also. Scroll down to see there pricing for the day club and night club pricing. This does not include dinner:

    Light Group also does one. Page 6 on the flipbook starts the pricing guide:

    Hope this helps for starters.
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      welcome nightclubs open around 11pm with headline dj on around 1am open till around 5am pool parties open around 11am with headline dj on around 3pm open till around 6pm do you want free entry on guestlist? or table service? a lot of nightclub crawls will take you to lower end places and your just kind of bouncing around what does big night mean to you? you could do dinner, pitbull concert, nightclub- just nightclub lot of choices and options


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        Well, you can start with a party bus. Kick start your way ahead in a party bus to the nightclubs.


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