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What the hell happened to my old account?

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  • What the hell happened to my old account?

    Anyways it’s still me, Cirilo Medina aka Funkycold. I tried checking out the forums last week and the page didn’t even exist. Today they did but I tired logging in and my account Didn’t exist! So here I am, same old 42 year old “bro” who still enjoys a raunchy Vegas trip once in a blue moon

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    What do 40 years do for fun in Vegas? Same as the 20 year olds? lol. Being serious! I haven't been to Vegas in seven years when I was 28 and have been debating on going back once everything opens. Not sure if the whole mega club is still the scene.


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      WC_racer I’m in my 30’s and go to Vegas every year with a group of guys in their 40s. If you want to go to the mega clubs you won’t feel old there are people of all ages there. We usually go one or two nights to the clubs for bottle service and still have a good time. We usually go to Hakkasan, Omnia, XS or Marquee. If you need contacts send me a pm and I can give you mine.

      Other good places to find people around your age would be at the more upscale casino bars and lounges at Aria, Cosmo, Wynn/Encore. I usually go during the warmer weather so pool bars are good too. We usually don’t make it to the big pool parties at Wet Republic or Encore Beach.


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