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Monday 2/7 - Jewel or Marquee Split

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  • Rbk79
    started a topic Monday 2/7 - Jewel or Marquee Split

    Monday 2/7 - Jewel or Marquee Split

    I?m coming to town for Super Bowl Sunday and was checking if anyone would be in town that would like to do a split or if someone already has something that would allow me to chip in and join. I hope everyone is having a great new year.

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  • Rbk79
    Change my travel date. Coming Super Bowl Sunday

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    Sat aug 20
    Booked a table at Ayu dayclub Sat Aug 20 if anyone would like to join done splits many times let me know cheers.
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  • MikeC1108
    July 10th Zouk
    Have a table booked at Zouk for Green Velvet on Sunday July 10th. If interested in joining send me a message.
    06-29-2022, 03:58 PM
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