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Table splits for September 20-22, 2 guys early 30s

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  • Table splits for September 20-22, 2 guys early 30s

    Looking to get some people (couples, singles, male or female, all are welcome) to split a table at any of the events below. My friend and I (guys in early 30s) are from Toronto and will be in Vegas from September 19-23rd staying at the MGM grand.

    Tentative plans for September 20-22

    September 20: pregame/chill at APEX at the Palms 7:00pm-10:00pm
    : Chainsmokers at XS: 11:00pm-???

    September 21: Calvin Harris at Wet Republic 11:00am-5:00pm
    : Zedd at Omnia 11:00pm-???

    September 22: no plans yet

    If anyone is interested I'll get some more info on prices. Looking to spend in the ~$150 per person range per event if possible.

  • #2
    I might be interested! Though I was looking at Omnia for Friday night to see Calvin Harris! Right now it's me (34f) and my mom (don't let her fool you--she loves clubs) but I'm trying to rally some girlfriends who live in LV. We are doing a cabana at Caesar's on the 22nd as well.


    • #3
      I am interested. 2 guys (34 yes old) from Atlanta.


      • #4
        Thanks for the replies..... So the only places I know my friend and I are 100% doing are:

        1) APEX (a rooftop lounge with supposedly amazing Vegas views) on friday night around 7pm or 8pm to just chill and have a few drinks, admission is free before 10:00pm, according to www.*****************.com a table for 6 at APEX with 1 bottle is only $379 (which includes tax and gratuity). If it seems decent maybe we would get a table if not we don't need to get one.

        2) Calvin Harris at Wet Republic Saturday afternoon, we already bought tickets in advance. Since we got tickets already I don't think a daybed/cabana is an option.

        That being said our Friday and Saturday nights are flexible. Since we are seeing Calvin Harris on Saturday, I'm not sure we would want to see him Friday night as well, but would consider. I have a feeling tables for Calvin Harris at Omnia might run $400-$500 per person even with a decent size group, maybe I'm wrong?

        We would consider doing a cabana at Caesar's on Sunday.

        If any of you girls/guys above (or anyone reading this) want to pre drink at Apex friday night we could meet/discuss some plans and go from there, no pressure at all, just grab a few drinks and if we all decide to go our separate ways thats cool too

        - *****


        • #5
          I'd be in on the Calvin Harris Friday night table
          45 m but consider myself pretty fun


          • #6
            A balcony table is the least expensive option in the main room to see Calvin Harris. It seats up to 10 and itís $5k minimum spend. I think I have 6 in my party. I want to do this but donít know that we can drink that much. Iím out of practice.


            • #7
              I am flying solo this weekend so I would be interested in Friday night just to get out, otherwise I would just be in the poker room the whole time. no worries on cost on my end.


              • #8
                Me and my fiancť are there from 20th evening until 24th! We get married on the 21st so looking to table share! Fun couple from the UK!


                • #9
                  Congrats on the wedding! Would you two be interested in joining tomorrow night at Omnia?

                  Or better yet, who all from this thread is interested? I have somewhere between 2-6 depending on who flakes out. There's 7 on here potentially interested--we could get a pretty sweet table.


                  • #10
                    Id be interested in Friday/Saturday. I’m flying tomorrow and get in at 3. Just me for now unless I could convince a co worker.


                    • #11
                      Anyone who is interested in getting in on a table tonight at Omnia, message me. Iím making a reservation and would love to include some more people!


                      • #12
                        Hey! You guys still doing this? Sorry for late response, weíve been on a flight!! We arrive at 8.30pm!!!


                        • #13
                          Still doing it! Everyone welcome to get in on this split. Canít wait!


                          • #14
                            THANKS FOR A GREAT NIGHT EVERYONE!! So much fun!




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