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July 4th-9th- Looking to Split Bottle Service

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  • July 4th-9th- Looking to Split Bottle Service

    Hi guys. We're three Canadian 23 year old college students looking to split bottle service at nightclubs/dayclubs. Don't have an insane budget, but willing to spend $200-300 (tops) per person/per venue. We're looking at hitting EBC/Wet Republic/Drai's/Marquee for Dayclubs, and more/less the same for nightclubs (XS/EBC at Night/Marquee/Drai's/Jewel/Omnia)--also open to other suggestions. And yeah I realize that EBC/Wet Republic;/XS/Omnia are probably out of our budget, but figured I'd give it a shot anyway haha. Let me know if you're interested.
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    Hey, my 2 girl friends and I will be in Vegas during the same dates. We are also looking to split bottle service with some people while on a semi-budget. Maybe we could work something out. We're ages 26-30.


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      Okay cool, what venues are you looking at?


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        Count me in for June 8, 2019. Please text me at 310-270-7894 so we can coordinate .I prefer Omnia.


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          Hi guys, my wife and I are in our 20s and 30s and looking at going to wet republic tomorrow for Tiesto. Anyone wanting to split?


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            Who is here this weekend and looking to split tables? There are 3 of us right now. Been coming to Vegas consistently for the past 12 years and have some amazing contacts. Looking to spending $700USD ++ per party per person. Tentative party lineup as follows:

            Thursday - Zedd @ Hakkasan
            Friday Day - Marquee Dayclub
            Friday Night - Calvin Harris @ Omnia or Kygo @ XS
            Saturday Day - Marquee Dayclub
            Saturday Night - Tiesto at Hakkasan
            Sunday Day - TBD

            Have setup a groupme group so we can figure stuff out - https://groupme.com/join_group/50824920/rwiFlPpt




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