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    Hey Everyone,

    I will be leaving to Italy after 2 months. It is a trip after a long time. And the specialty is, it is the first time that I am going to another country. I had never gone outside Canada. It will be a 1 month long trip. I will be going to Rome, Venice, Pompeii, Pisa, Amalfi coast, etc so many places. So I have to catch up many flights. I haven't yet bought a travel insurance policy.

    Some of my friends suggested me to contact a traveler insurance company(mentioned below)
    soon. But I would like to know is it really needed to buy a travel insurance. What all details or documents do I have to surrender to the insurance company to get a travel insurance? Had anyone bought a travel insurance here? Is there any tips or suggestions that you would like to share with me? Please help me by sharing your answers.

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    Travelling always brings the unexpected along with the excitement. Any such complication can be met with our wide range of travel insurance. Call us Today!


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      Of course, you need travel insurance, even if you travel to Italy or any country in Europe. You don't know what can happen to you, any accident, any intoxication (although in Italy there is no chance, the food here is super tasty). Contact any insurance company, and they will give you all the details. I recently returned from Germany, and it's good that I had insurance because I got a cold there. The doctors intervened gave me the pills, and I recovered. This has happened since we returned from Schloss Neuschwanstein Castle. I didn't dress very well; I was close to the mountains and here are the consequences.
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        Yes, you definitely need insurance, especially considering the current pandemic. I didn't even know you could be admitted as a tourist without insurance.Since childhood, I was taught by my parents that when you travel, you have to have insurance, a SIM card, and a transport schedule with you. This principle bails me out all the time. Yes, now it has become easier with the transport schedule. It can always be found on the Internet, but the mandatory insurance and SIM card have not been canceled. When I was in Italy, I somehow managed to go seafood shopping, and I was lucky to have health insurance. In general, when I sometimes travel, local people tell me tips. I was once told to buy tickets for trains in Germany at, because there are often discounts. In Italy they told me to always go to restaurants where you can't see tourists, it's tastier and cheaper.
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