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Sparklers At Clubs What brand are they?

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  • Sparklers At Clubs What brand are they?

    I just want to get some for personal use. If you are a bottle girl could you please do some investigation and give me the name on the box. Thank you.

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    I found them!!!


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      Bottle Sparklers

      Thanks, Chapp. Here's a better link to our Bottle Sparklers pages:

      We sell Bottle and Birthday Cake Sparklers in both retail and wholesale quantities. We import them directly from China, so we have a fair amount of control over the product. While our standard Bottle Sparklers have a white spray of sparks, we are experimenting with different colored flames for clubs which want the color to more closely match their theme. If you're interested in getting custom packaged, or colored flame Bottle Sparklers, please contact me directly at [email protected] or call me at 540-338-3877.
      --Harry Gilliam
      --CEO, Skylighter, Inc.


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        Thanks CEO

        Damn good to see you reading this forum

        Got a bottle of Platinum Patron for my friends BDAY I threw at my place. Had the strippers bring it out with these sparklers. Saved me 800 bucks and well he loved it. Ok so they were escorts from 702 696 6969 specifically the Mexican Girl with the Blonde hair haha if you know what im talking about people respond with a


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          Skylighter no longer sells them but I found some at


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            There's a few different brands depending on your country or market. With that said champagne or bottle sparklers work quite well across the board. I've been using this supplier, they offer free shipping so for it works out well.
            Wedding Sparklers, Bottle Sparklers & Birthday Cake Sparklers. Also 10, 20 & 36 inch Sparklers. The #1 for Nightclub & Wedding Supplies. Open 7 days.
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