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Help with hotel for 1st time visit!

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  • Help with hotel for 1st time visit!

    Husband and I are late 20s - this is our first chance to make our first trip to Vegas and will be going last week of August. Our trip will envolve a weekend due to it being only time we can miss out on work and will be 5 nights but really just more like 4 since we wont be getting there til late the 1st night. Anyhow - our style is: we like nice and luxury but we are trying to budget mind this trip some since we have already spent a ton of money on trips this year. My husband is picky - he likes comfy beds, clean, a place with a good atmosphere and not really into the party scene, also would like a nice pool area. We do not gamble so thats not an issue. Want to take up the sights, food, and the awe that is Vegas! Ive been researching hotels non stop and these are the ones that seem most interesting to us but we want some vegas veterans opinions!!

    (Ive really missed out on the 30-40% off deals so hopefully some more deals will come up)

    Flamingo - Go room luxury w view (2nd cheapest)
    Mirage - Deluxe room - no view
    Aria - (free upgrade to city view and $50 resort credit) king city view room
    MGM - Deluxe King Room (cheapest of all hotels Ive seen price wise) or a Bungalow Suite for about 150 more total
    Paris - red room luxury (no view)
    Monte Carlo

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    You would like MGM... but it's a little off centre strip.

    I would say Venetian. Favourite hotel at the moment for luxury, centre-strip, atmopshere (has a nice vibe, not too party-ish), great pool.
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      Venetian is out of the price range for us right now.


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        Your husband will love the rooms at MGM.

        The rooms are a little outdated (no flatscreens) but they are perfectly fine. The beds are among the comfiest I've ever slept on. It'll also be the cheapest option for you.

        The restaurants at the hotel are all ridiculously good - going from the $30/head range to the $100+/head range.

        The regular pool might be the best one on the strip.
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          No flat screens in the rooms may knock MGM out for us....thats pretty dated to not have a flat screen! I say why stay somewhere that isn't at least as nice or nicer than your own home?!


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            I'd opt for Aria or Vdara if you want something with modern ammenities and not overpriced. For the most part non-weekend you can get their rooms for <$150
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              Originally posted by traveljunkie View Post
              Venetian is out of the price range for us right now.
              Sign up for the Grazie Rewards on their site and you will get promos from them. I just got a cpl emails with weekday rooms for $109 and weekends for $159-$169. Also, if you do the $ sandwich trick, it work majority of the time.


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                Vdara or Aria
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                  Originally posted by vansteffo View Post
                  Vdara or Aria
                  +1 on Vdara. Quieter, non-gaming
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                    What're your dates and budget exactly? It's hard to have both luxury and be affordable.

                    However, out of everything you mentioned, I think Flamingo Go Rooms would be a great fit. I think it's the best bang for your buck hotel, and there's no resort fees. Great location and pretty good pool.

                    If you want 5 star, have you thought about Hotwire or something? It's pretty easy to hotwire Vdara or Aria.

                    Again, lemme know dates and I'm sure someone can give you better pricing.


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                      Planet Hollywood Towers (Westgate) and Hard Rock Hotel towers have nice rooms for the price. Not as party-centric as the main resorts adjacent to them but you still have access to most of the amenities of their sister resorts. They offer AAA discounts as well.


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                          You can get junior suites at the MGM Signature at discount rates most of the time. Like between 79 (sun-wed) and 129 (thur-sat). You get direct access to MGM (the towers are connected to each other and the MGM with people mover systems). MGM has fantastic restaurants (check Joel Robouchon's restaurant), and a pretty slick non-dayclub pool with a lazy river.

                          The Signature rooms are nice...flat screens, fridge, stove, microwave, jetted tub, etc.

                          MGM is a bit far up on the strip, so walking all the way down the Venetian or Wynn is a hike (you could always cab, monorail, or deuce it), but City Center, Cosmo, and Bellagio are all right there.


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                            From your options I'd say Aria. The rooms are very modern / nice / wow factor .. The pool area is large .. Central on the strip.


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                              From your list of choices, I would say Aria. Its new and modern and I think it really showcases the excess of LV.


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