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June 2nd-7th 2 guys from Ny

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  • June 2nd-7th 2 guys from Ny

    My friend and I are headed to LV June 2nd thru the 7th. This is my 4th time out there so I'm no newb. Not really certain on clubs yet, but definitely doing bottle service atleast twice. Booked planet hollywood for the trip. Contemplating a west rim grand canyon bus tour, but not really sure if I wanna use up a Vegas day.

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    Make sure you're hittin the pool parties and you won't have ANY time for the touristy bus rides :P
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      Skip the bus tour...hit the pool parties. You'll have plenty of time for the bus tours when you're married and over 50
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        I'll be out there round the same time June 4-7. I don't know how people do more than 3 nights lol!
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          hey reckless, you're doing bottle service for only 2 people? how much is that and where?


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            haha Yea I was thinking about it, but you guys brought me back to my senses


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              Originally posted by presto View Post
              hey reckless, you're doing bottle service for only 2 people? how much is that and where?
              I talked to a couple of hosts and about 450 a bottle w/o tips. And we are leaning towards tryst


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                what other clubs you going to?

                me and my homie are gonna be out there 2-5 so we gonna be there the same time. im doing tao wristband thu night, palms wristband fri, and either marquee or xs on sat


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                  I think I'm going to tao thurday, friday bottle service (not sure where yet), saturday xs


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