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Canadian permanent residence in Toronto

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  • Canadian permanent residence in Toronto

    Hi all,

    Canada has been always in my dream since my early childhood days. That's why I chose Canada for my higher studies. I have been here for three years and I was planning to apply for a permanent residence in Canada itself.

    But recently, one of my family members has been barred from Canada due to some criminal activities. And I came to know that this will affect my application and the chance of rejection is high.

    I'm planning to consult a professional immigration law corporation for help and assistance. Do you know any such firms? In my search, I came across a firm offering necessary immigration law support for Canadian permanent residence, Toronto .

    Do you know more about them? What about their service charges and rates? Any suggestions or comments are always welcome. Thanks in advance.
    We provide immigration services for permanent residency under programs such as express entry, family sponsorship, humanitarian & compassionate application.