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  • TAO Beach rules etc

    Hey guys, me and a group of 11 rowdy gents are doing TAO Beach in 2 weeks. I know most places pretty much don?t let you take anything at all but I wanted to take gum, sunscreen, and hopefully eye drops still sealed. Also I have a locking sling bag to carry my crap, if I can?t take it in I?ll just grab a locker. But does anyone know their specific rules? I can?t find crap on their website

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    you can check with a host to confirm but I don't think any of that is getting in


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      good to know. I haven't been to lv in a minute and seems like things have gotten more tight in terms of what you can bring in.

      btw, anyone know other websites to check out looking for table splits? jack colton used to be the spot but seems like its dead now.
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        I can't speak to the other stuff, but I've never had an issue with bringing sunscreen into Tao Beach or any other dayclub.
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          I think spray is always good. But liquid they have issues with. Could be wrong too as I stopped bringing it in and just get burnt on purpose now : )


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