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December Trip - Pool Party/Day Club

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  • December Trip - Pool Party/Day Club

    Hi, 4 of us are coming over in early december. I know it wont be the normal hot temperature.....Just wondering if there were options of day clubs/pool party style atmospheres at that time of year....i saw Circa did like a winter pool type party last year during the cooler month/s.

    Just looking for options during our 5 day stay starting 8th December.



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    Marquee Day Club.. as they will have the Dome up


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      Your December trip sounds like it's going to be a blast! I totally get wanting to make the most of your time in Miami, even if it's not scorching hot like in the summer months.
      Speaking from personal experience, Miami has a way of keeping the party going year-round. Even in December, you'll find plenty of options for pool parties and day clubs. One spot that comes to mind is the Hyde Beach SLS pool party. They've been known to throw epic events regardless of the season, and it's always a good time.
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        Marquee day club was great last year. Circa has those hot tub parties too...just a little chilly as you will be outside in the 40's.


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