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Pool "parties" on a Monday

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  • Pool "parties" on a Monday

    Seeing that the only pools that are open on a Monday in September are:

    Drai's (daybeds starting at $100)
    Bare (daybeds starting at $100)
    Wet Republic

    Just wondering which of the 3 (if any) will have the best party atmosphere. $100 min. for a daybed seems like a great deal so I'm expecting things to be pretty slow.

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    They'll all be slow, but Bare is the smallest and popular Monday pool so it'll feel the busiest. Wet Republic is a true party pool but they'll probably only seat a third of the place but it'll be the biggest pool with party music. Drais I had no idea even had Monday pool days which probably means it'll be dead other then hotel residents aka it'll feel like a hotel pool.


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